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If you own a house in Kelowna, Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Vernon, Penticton, Cranbrook, or a neighbouring city and need a mortgage, then trust Fast Home Finance for the lowest rate mortgages going. Our home loan lenders Kelowna professionals can provide you with a first, second or third mortgage on your current home. Our mortgage company's mortgages are very beneficial to British Columbia homeowners, and can be used towards:

Debt consolidation

If you have a number of outstanding debts you are struggling to pay, taking out one or more mortgages on your house will allow you to consolidate your debts into one manageable and affordable payment. Contact our Home loan lenders Kelowna experts for further information.

Home renovations / expansions

A renovation / expansion on your house can add tens of thousands of dollars to its asking price should you decide to sell. With mortgages from our home loan lenders Kelowna crew, adding on to or renovating your home is easy, and will increase its value so that you can earn back the money you borrowed to do so!

Bad credit

If you have no credit rating, or a bad credit rating, and own a house in British Columbia, acquiring a bad credit mortgage from Fast Home Finance can help you! Also known as adverse credit mortgages or subprime mortgages, our home loan lenders Kelowna's bad credit mortgages can be used for the upkeep of your house, or for a variety of other reasons.

Emergency situations

If you are facing unexpected bills for expensive medical treatments, vehicle maintenance, education expenses, or any other emergency situation, our home loan lenders Kelowna experts can offer you a short-term bridge loan via our mortgages. Fast Home Finance's mortgages are also perfect for those wishing to use the funding for holidays, or for the purchase and sale of an additional residential property.

If you are a veteran home owner in British Columbia, you may be approved for first, second or third mortgages from Fast Home Finance. Our home loan lenders Kelowna team has partnered with reputable private investors who offer private home equity loans which go towards forming low rate mortgages for you. Your homes' equity (the difference between its value and any liens against it) helps to determine whether you qualify for Fast Home Finance's mortgages. Our home loan lenders Kelowna professionals can help you access your homes' equity if you:

  • Have more than two mortgages on your house.
  • Have placed a significant down payment on your home.
  • Your outstanding mortgage balance is less than your residential property's value.

Want to know how much of your homes' equity you can access? Contact us, and our home loan lenders Kelowna may offer you a mortgage in as little as one day! Besides first, second and third mortgages, our mortgage company can also offer you:

Mortgage renewals

Fast Home Finance's mortgage renewals will extend or renew your current mortgages' terms with our home loan lenders Kelowna team.

Home mortgage refinancing

Our home loan lenders Kelowna experts' home mortgage refinancing services will replace your current mortgage or mortgages with a new improved term mortgage / mortgages.

Reverse mortgages

Our Home loan lenders Kelowna group's reverse mortgages will convert part of an experienced home owners' home equity into cash, and are suitable for retirees who want to supplement their income.

Loan on loan financing

Fast Home Finance's loan on loan financing services are used to finance one or more loans, and are perfect for an individual home owner, or an interested party including a home owner.

To further explore Fast Home Finance's mortgages, or to apply for our mortgages, please contact us. Our home loan lenders Kelowna crew will happily attend to your needs, and answer any questions you may have. Feel free to ask our mortgage experts about our commercial loans and debt consolidation services as well!

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